On the 4th of March, we went to Galway for our language trip. After the two and a half hour flight to Dublin, we entered a bus, which drove us to Galway. We went to school there from Monday to Thursday. In the afternoons our English teacher and our headteacher, who accompained us to Ireland, organized great activities like singing or bowling.

 It was an amazing experience. We had a lot of fun and lived in host families, who helped us to improve our English.

Galway is a perfect town for a language trip. From the city centre you can reach everything in ten minutes. Galway is in the west of Ireland and next to the sea. For buying gifts you can visit one of the two shopping centers or have a walk through some beautiful shopping streets.
Marie, 4F  
As it was my first time staying with another family, I was a bit nervous at first. But eventually I really enjoyed not only the delicious food but also the interesting conversations we had at the dinners. It was a great experience.
Flora, 4F  
I really loved our trip to Connemara National Park, which was on the 9th of March. We went there by bus. We saw funny sheep and some of the famous Connemara ponies. After a long walk we ate our packed lunch and had a lot of fun.
Andjelika, 4F